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Ranking the top candidates in a crowded 2020 Democratic field

With a historic, crowded field of candidates vying to oppose President Donald Trump in 2020, we look at the frontrunners to win the Democratic primary next year.

The Democratic Party faces a critical decision on its party’s nominee for President in 2020: unite around an electable, savvy speaker capable of providing rebuttals to the Republicans, or risk four more years of the Trump White House.

With the Mueller investigation concluded and the special counsel largely exonerating the president of direct collusion with Russia, the last great hurdle to a reelection campaign has been cleared, and the push can begin in earnest.

To anyone who believes he couldn’t win again, a reminder that Trump, who never held public office in his life, won an Electoral College victory over the most establishment-backed candidate in the history of modern America. With the economy booming and Islamic State on the wane, voters may turn to four more years of The Donald.

As of writing, 17 candidates have either formed an exploratory committee or a full-fledged campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2020. Here, we look at the field and the likely frontrunners:

This will be updated closer to the Democratic debates in June.

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