Supreme Court rules prorogation is ‘unlawful’

The Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that the decision to prorogue Parliament for five weeks was “unlawful” due to “the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of Parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification.”

The verdict reached was carried by all eleven Supreme Court justices, immediately following a similarly unanimous verdict that the case was a matter that the judiciary could decide upon. The main crux of the Government’s argument was that prorogation was a purely political matter; meaning that it was beyond the remit of the British courts.

Immediate reactions from the Opposition parties have all been fairly unanimous; that Johnson should resign as Prime Minister. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told supporters at his party’s conference in Brighton that he invites Boris Johnson, in the historic words, to consider his position and become the shortest-serving prime minister there has ever been,”. Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price also called upon Johnson to resign, a sentiment echoed by Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford

The decision is an absolute hammer blow for Boris Johnson’s authority and has the left British politics in uncharted territory. As a result of the ruling, parliament has been ruled to be still sitting meaning that MPs could sit as early as this evening. Johnson is currently in New York, waiting to give a speech to the UN General Assembly.

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